“This act is so good! Just breathtaking! Never seen better.”


If you’re craving a truly unique experience that will psych you out, The Evasons are it! Direct from a world tour including Canada, the UK and the Middle East, The Evasons bring their amazing psychic show back for a return engagement at The Palm.

The Evasons are one of very few couples who have mastered the rare and incredible talent known as Second Sight. From the moment they walk on stage, Jeff & Tessa Evason interact with everyone in the audience. In no time, everyone will be eagerly participating. Extrasensory connections will engage you and predictions will captivate you. Don’t be surprised if you and those around you react in ways you’ve never imagined!

Since 1983 The Evasons have traveled to over 37 countries performing on the world’s best cruise ships and in Las Vegas showrooms. They often entertain at private parties and gala events for the rich and famous. Network TV appearances include NBC, CBS, FOX, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix. And they’ve received some of the top awards in the world of magic and psychic entertainment.

Still feeling a little skeptical? Remember, there are no stooges, hidden wires or secret electronic communication devices. In fact, they will give $100,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise!

Join The Evasons for a mind-blowing experience that you will remember for a long time!

“The finest act of its kind in the world.”