Have you ever been to a show where you sing along all the songs?Well I just experience that, and it was fantastic.No matter what age are you, I am sure you know and dance some of this songs from up todate POP artists: Dua Lipa, The Weekend and Sam Smith.They are here in town! Presented as a tribute show by Chris Lopez , Tonny Tk and Fío Delgado.I have to say, Tonny Kenneth on stage as The Weekend is the best performance vocal and performance I ever seen on him, bravo! Fío Delgado is a big surprise, first time performing at The Palm, her incredible vocals and coreography will make you think you are seeing Dua Lipa before your eyes, she is dopamine. Chris Lopez aside to his talent as Sam Smith is the producer of this show, he has a gift and express it as its best on this production.