Olas Altas 508 - Zona Romantica
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fernanda Hernández or as her friends call her "Ferny", is originally from the state of Aguascalientes, in the central region of the Mexican Republic. At the age of eleven, her family settled in the charming Puerto Vallarta, a city that became her hometown and provenance of Moelle Project, of which she is the founder, vocalist and leader.

Her passion for music and singing had been since the age of three, her grandmother singing all day long and ballet as a hobby were the motive to start loving music. Debuting in several school and local contest, such as EXA FM Radio, achieving 1st. and 2nd. places. Some of her main influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Christina Aguilera, Louis Armstrong, Björk, Antonio Jobim, Billie Holliday, Robert Plant, Astrud Gilberto, etc.

In 2016 she begins a quest to make what is now Moelle and taking charge of different aspects such as management, repertoire and arrangements Ferny went from conception to completion. At some time during this journey she meets guitarist Carlos Calderon, whom she says "is the love of her life", now her partner and Co-producer.

Ferny with more than 15 years pursuing a musical career and Moelle Project, having now 4 years entertaining PV and the Bay area, aim for the concept of providing "music that comes from the soul"... Ferny named her band Moelle (wich in french means medula, essence or soul) inspired by "Medulla", one of her favorite albums produced by Icelandic singer Björk. The sound of Moelle consists on diversity and fusion of musical styles; the sound of a delicious Bossa Nova makes you want to enjoy a coffee by the sea, the frisky Gypsy Swing beat will cause you to snap your fingers while sipping your drink, the rhythm of cuban or brazilian songs will invite you to wiggle your hips with your partner, the sound of disco fever will dare you to hit the dance floor, the blues will grunge your throat making you stroll it with tequila, their love songs will make sigh of love and feel perplexed with the vocal arrangements. This time Ferny & Moelle will take you through time bringing back memories of the magical music experience in Hollywood. Certainly the fabulous musical ensemble, the stunning voice and performance of Ferny guarantee a wonderful evening.

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