Luna Rumba

Luna Rumba is re-inventing itself to return to the Puerto Vallarta Music scene.  The group with the unprecedented success of delivering Hot Gypsy-Inspired Rumba Fusion will be performing at The Palm this  upcoming season.  With Eduardo Leon (Lalo) taking the lead position as singer and guitarist, you are in for a real treat!  Lalo, Geo, Luis, and of course the beautiful and talented Lilly are in the line up and the music will be hot and the playing hotter!

Get ready for high energy, rock your socks off, blistering lead guitar and fiery violin all pumped up with the explosive percussion talents of both Luis and Lilly together!

The new Luna Rumba will play many of your favourite songs from prior years and mix it up with a new feeling and a new energy!  New original compositions mixed with your old favourites are sure to please!

Come and enjoy some of the best Rumba Flamenco Fusion ever performed in the Bay – once again!

Me encanta tocar con esta sección rítmica.con esa entrega, como no querer darle un rato al tambor. Un niche vestido de blanco” #puertovallarta #playa #music #musica #playmusic #drums #conga #percusión #livemusic #bagdad #caribean #happyman

Posted by Luis Rascon on Wednesday, January 9, 2019