Levi Kreis – Broadway at the keys

Levi’s stunning piano/vocal performance is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Infusing Broadway classics with jazz, gospel, country and rockabilly, Kreis’ musical perspective is completely original and absolutely flawless. His storytelling and comedic timing will have you in stitches while his ability to embody a song will bring you to tears. Don’t miss this unique and intimate evening from one of Broadway’s Tony award winning talents.

“Effortless comedic timing and dazzling piano chops!” – Huffington Post

“A star ready to pop, Kreis tears up the stage!” – The Chicago Tribune

“Brilliant” – New York Magazine

“Levi Kreis is a rock star with an electric sound and vibe! He channels sex appeal and displays vocal abilities that just astonish.” – Broadway World

“To watch Levi play the piano is like watching somebody speaking in tongues.” – Lou Brutus, SiriusXM Radio.