Kim Kuzma


Kim has performed for many an audience throughout Canada, the United States, Europe along with Puerto Vallarta being a mainstay with her performances here at The Palm Cabaret.  For those of you who may have heard Kim perform elsewhere, you are in for an absolute treat, hearing her with this group of incredible musicians!  Allowing her stellar vocals to truly shine while paired with the intimacy of live instruments, whether it be a haunting ballad to a driving beat with a latin flair.

Kim is so excited to be celebrating her 14th season performing in Puerto Vallarta where she got her break in 2005 and has continued to hone her talent and upped it even more so working with such passionate, talented musicians.

She reinvented herself in 2012, hiring a group of stellar musicians, which earned the group much success and popularity as they changed the show with each season. She’s reinventing herself again, bringing on the very talented Nate Buccieri on the piano and vocals, along with beloved Eduardo Leon on guitar and vocals and newcomer Alexis Mena Torres on percussion.

With Cher making history, recording an ABBA album and more,  it only made sense for Kim to do music she loves but continue to entertain audiences with unique musical adaptations, blending these this iconic music together!  You can expect wonderful surprises musically with these new grouping of these exceptional musicians, thrilling audiences with each and every performance. They’re vibrant, fun and you will be able to sing along with them, bringing back this music in their own unique way! Not to be missed when in Puerto Vallarta!

“Fantastic co-operation leads to a professional result, as good as anyone can find around here. Some listeners said this is the best band in the Bahía de Banderas.” – Gary R. Beck/ Beck’s Best

“Put them together (the band) with Kim’s voice and you have the answer to “Why Can’t I Get a Ticket for Tonight?” Buy in advance and don’t miss this Canadian star’s show!” – Marcia Blondin, Vallarta Tribune

“Every year Kim brings to Vallarta the top selling number one show, add in her fabulous band and you are set for the best night of entertainment.” –

Tripadvisor Reviews:

“Kim Kuzma, songstress extraordinary!”

‘Last night we took a friend visiting from the SF Bay Area to Kim Kuzma and the Acoutic Band show (Act II Stage). It is unbelieveably the best 2 hours. Kim is the entertainer extraordinaire. Not only will you find her vocals amazing but you will also be singing, clapping, tapping, smiling and swaying to the music. The show is smart, sexy, and packed with Kim’s energy and beauty. The acoustic band is spectacular. This show has it all if you are in the mood for some excellent entertainment. Don’t miss it and if you have seen it before….go again!’ – Feb 2014

“Have seen Kim in PV for years, always great entertainment. This recent visit, her Acoutico II show, it amazing! Her voice seems better than ever, and the band is simply spectacular. While I haven’t seen it personally, her Annie Lennox tribute show is also not to be missed, many of my friends have seen it.” – March 2016

One of Vallarta’s dearest, funniest and most loved divas of song has returned this season to The Palm Cabaret! Yes, I’m referring to Puerto Vallarta’s beloved songstress, Kim Kuzma!

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