A fusion of Rock, Classical, Pop, Latin, Celtic and Rumba Flamenco.The melodies you know and love with a presentation that will amaze you!

The three multi-talented performers of Duende use advanced technologies to build the complex compositions and arrangements for a sound that is truly epic.  This is all done LIVE with NO BACKING TRACKS!

Come and be a part of musical performance history. Come and experience Duende.

We want the opportunity to connect with all kinds of people and give our audience new ways to think about the music we all love. To imagine, create and arrange this effort has been a beautiful gift to us personally. We want to share that love with all people who love music!

Music is the language of the soul
Duende is the soul of the music

‘A mysterious force that everyone feels but no-one can explain.’The poet said: “The Duende is not in the throat, the Duende surges up, from inside – from the soles of ones feet.”

Musical ideas begin to coalesce into a structure that evolves, take shape and then comes to life.

We decided to continue to evolve and to create the evolution of a new hope……..Restriction has opened a door to creativity.

Can two multi-instrumentalists and a dancer combine their talents and creativity with new musical technologies to create something both amazing and beautiful?

A total of eight instruments –  blending the thousand year old sound of a Duduk and gut-string guitar with modern day classics:  Pop/Classical, Gypsy Rumba/Celtic, Rockin’ Beethoven, R&B/Reggae, Folk/Bossa… are just some.


Geo UhrichLuis Rascon and Lilly Alcantara set out a clear mantra by focusing their energies on making merged melodies, interesting fusions, a touch of classic master pieces, new tones and rhythms where there’s always something a bit different and unique and surprises are just around the corner. The level of professionalism and commitment has never been higher.