Symphonica: The Bohemia Viva concert of the 2019 Season. Violins, Cello, Viola, Trumpet, Flute, Bass and Percussion to create new versions of the BohemiaViva classic songs such as Don't Cry for Me, Argentina, Unchained Melody and Stairway to Heaven. Don't miss this one night only music experience!

Posted by Andrea Mottura on Thursday, February 21, 2019

BohemiaViva – Symphonica

The BohemiaViva Concert of the 2019 Season
Limited Tickets Available for this Unique March 3 performance

SYMPHONICA is BohemiaViva’s NEW concert project to bring the elements of a symphony orchestra and meld it with the unison of the smooth and harmonic sounds and music of BohemiaViva. Having performed in outstanding venues in Argentina, Italy, Mexico, The USA and Canada with some of the most amazing and various musicians, Symphonica is the beginning of a dream to present the songs of BohemiaViva with an orchestra.

The 2019 season is the pilot launch smaller concert version of the Symphonica concert project with the addition of a selected small group of Orchestra Violins, Cello, Viola, Trumpet, Flute, Bass and Percussion. BohemiaViva Symphonica 2020 will undertake for the next 2020 season to be performed with a full 70 piece Orchestra for the full expanded music presentation of Symphonica. A fundamental principle of Symphonica is to create a unique memorable music experience that is creative and outstanding for our existing and new audiences. Presented as part of the BohemiaViva Signature Concert Series, Symphonica will only be presented each season as a limited one day only concert and aims to be a specific music concert for audiences to follow and to plan ahead for.

Right now for a brief moment close your eyes and open your heart and soul to imagine the harmonies of the BohemiaViva voices with a Symphony Orchestra. Re-imagined versions of the BohemiaViva classic songs such as Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Unchained Melody and Stairway To Heaven are just a few of the featured BohemiaViva songs for 2019.

Inspired Songs performed in languages from Spanish, English, Italian, Latin and Portuguese become a new kind of symphony of life, laughter and fun. Be part of the BohemiaViva Lifestyle of Freedom, Love & Unity.