Aurora Sexton is an American transgender actress, writer and performer. Born in Denver, Colorado she has thrilled audiences across the country with her dry humor and uncanny impersonations of celebrities like Joan Rivers, Madonna, Melania Trump and more. 
A decorated pageant winner ( Miss Gay USofA, National Entertainer Of The Year), Aurora brings a polished finish to everything she presents. Currently Aurora is touring her new smash hit play LET THEM EAT CAKE! Diary of A First Lady.
About the Show
” Let Them Eat Cake! Diary Of A First Lady has a punk edge and an intelligent soul as it also entertains. Sexton rides the rail delivering an inventive show capturing the tumultuous times in a way that is rare. It’s daring and bold, as Sexton delivers a searing political satire draped in Tiffany Blue”
– Steve Desroches for Provincetown Magazine
This dark and campy political satire captures the most chaotic administration in American history from White House staff to the Trump family through the eyes of it’s most mysterious and unwilling passenger, First Lady Melania Trump. Featuring reworks of several timeless classics like “Oh Melania” ( Que Sara Sara) and “Your The First Lady After All” (Love Is All Around”, Let Them Eat Cake goes for the jugular in a fully integrated, interactive, multi media video experience that audiences have described as “Disturbing”, “Hilarious”, “Thought Provoking”, “Important” and from one Trump supporter who didn’t know what the hell they were walking into, “The worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen!” 
Prepare yourself for a night of laughs (and several tears) as Melania reveals the hardships of a FLOTUS struggling to keep her sanity in a White House full of unscrupulous characters crazier then the next.