Valeria Montes “La Chispa”

valeriaValeria Montes is an acclaimed performer, choreographer and teacher in the art form of Flamenco. Her extraordinary talent was recently recognized by the Kresge Foundation, who in 2010 awarded her with a prestigious Artistic Fellowsh…ip. Montes has emerged as the most talked-about Flamenco artist in Michigan, with the Detroit Free Press calling her work “mesmerizing” and the Metro Times declaring it “beauty in motion.” In the world of Flamenco dancers, Valeria Montes is aptly called “La Chispa” (aka The Sparkle). She learned her art in her native Mexico and in the United States, and perfected it with the masters of Flamenco Puro (Pure Flamenco) in Spain. She is especially known for her passionate and graceful interpretation of Flamenco canto (song) and for her dazzling footwork.