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Tori Scott

Tori Scott Thirsty ★★★★★ “This show was sheer delight. No prisoners were taken in her relentless display of charisma, strength, the beauty of voice and expression, all interleaved with her clever, sassy New Yorker commentary. What a marvel” "An evening with Tori is an...

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Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop Amy Bishop is a singer/songwriter, on the scene for a number of years. What number you ask? Enough years to be impressive, not so many that you think she is old. Here is her very interesting and captivating tale… Once upon a time where the earth was green...

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Arte Puro

Art Puro - Geo & Lobo Unite! Violinist Geo Uhrich of Luna Rumba and famed flamenco guitarist Lobo (Wolfgang Fink formerly of Willie & Lobo) have created the new Arte Puro. The blending of their musical talents produces the magic that two small wooden boxes can...

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Luna Rumba

Luna Rumba Luna Rumba is re-inventing itself to return to the Puerto Vallarta Music scene.  The group with the unprecedented success of delivering Hot Gypsy-Inspired Rumba Fusion will be performing at The Palm this  upcoming season.  With Eduardo Leon (Lalo) taking...

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Piel Canela

  A sneak peak of what’s in store for Piel Canela this upcoming season at The Palm Cabaret & Bar. Specials guests include Pepe Galvan on the bass. Pepe is one of the best bass players in Puerto Vallarta today. Gary Flores, who comes from a recognized music family...

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Reflections is Bohemia Viva’s new music presentation of latin fusion that reflects upon the music that has inspired them from all cultures, languages and nations. Established in Argentina, Italy, Mexico, The USA and Canada, Bohemia Viva’s new show Reflections is a...

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Jimmy James – “FASHIONISTA”

The ONE & MANY VOICES of JIMMY JAMES “FASHIONISTA & VOICES” Award-Winning Entertainer, Singer & Voice Impressionist Jimmy James makes a rare Puerto Vallarta appearance at The Palm. Performing ALL LIVE uncanny show-stopping voice impressions as well has his...

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Denita Asberry – Shades of Soul

Denita Asberry - Shade of Soul Denita Asberry brings the kind of charisma portrayed only by a real legend to her performance as Aretha Franklin in the award-winning live tribute show Legends In Concert. Danita's confidence shines with experience and confidence as she...

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Miss Conception – TV Land

Miss Conception does not raise the bar. She IS the bar. I HAVEN’T SEEN THIS MANY COSTUME CHANGES SINCE DIANA ROSS! Miss Conception FEMALE DELUSIONIST “EXTRA-ORDINAIRE” Miss Conception has been performing for 18 years selling out around the world with her live singing...

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RuPaul’s Raja Gemini

  Winner of season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race   Sutan Amrull is Raja Gemini Sutan Amrull is an American make-up artist, drag performer, and TV personality. He is best known for his work on the reality show ‘America's Next Top Model’ where he served as the make-up artist...

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Michael Walters as Dame Edna

          "Celebrity Impersonator Michael Walters as Dame Edna" When Michael Walters first donned the "wisteria" coif and rhinestone glasses in early 1999, he never dreamed he would still be performing the Character today - not to mention gaining the blessing of Dame...

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Jesse Luttrell – Showstopper

New York’s hottest young entertainer brings you an unforgettable solo homage to the golden age of American entertainment from the spirit of Broadway to the glitz of Las Vegas. New York’s hottest young entertainer dazzles in a contemporary celebration of Golden Age...

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Nate Buccieri

Nate Buccieri is #NateOnTheKeys Nate Buccieri has performed extensively throughout New York City, the United States, and Europe as singer/songwriter, pianist, vocalist, accompanist, and music director. He is most often seen spiritedly entertaining with original, pop,...

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Eric Michael Krop – Pop Goes The World

Eric Micheal Krop Originally from San Jose, California, vocalist and songwriter Eric Michael Krop discovered his musical abilities at a young age. Hailing from a musical family, Eric gleaned much of his early inspiration from his grandparents. He would go on to hone...

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Paige Turner

In the same vein as the Carol Burnett Show and Pee Wee Herman. Paige Turner is the ultimate theater queen Paige Turner NYC’S  PAIGE TURNER  “Showbiz Spitfire”  PAIGE TURNER the drag darling of NYC and star of SHADE:QUEENS OF NYC (on the Fusion Network),  returns to...

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Varla Jean Merman

Jeffery Roberson aka Varla Jean Merman Jeffery Roberson aka Varla Jean Merman starred in the new musical Lucky Guy…

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Branden & James

BRANDEN & JAMES, the Cello and Vocal duo, brings the stirring timbre of James on his cello combined…

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Kim Kuzma

Respected by musicians, critics and fans alike, Kuzma brings sass, high energy, wit and an amazing…

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5 hours ago

Award-Winning Entertainer, Singer & Voice Impressionist Jimmy James makes a rare Puerto Vallarta appearance at The Palm. Performing ALL LIVE uncanny show-stopping voice impressions as well has his global hit ‘FASHIONISTA’. Tickets available at ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Your favourite latin band is back, and it just keeps getting better. Joining the band on opening night is Kim Kuzma and Eduardo Leon, two of Puerto Vallarta's best and most loved entertainers. You can purchase tickets online at
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1 day ago

Opening night for "Twas The Night Before Miss Conception" is slowly approaching. Preferred seating nearly sold out. For the 1st time in PV in Nov - Dec, Miss Conception treats us to her take on Xmas🎄☃️. The box office is open Mon to Sat @ 10AM.
#MissConception #Xmas #thepalmcabaret #puertovallarta #puertovallartaentertainment #pventertainment #thepalmcabaretpv #puertovallartashows #theatre #music #thepalmcabaretandbar #gaypv #gaymx #gaytravel #cabaret #talent
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The Palm Cabaret and Bar is with Jesse Luttrell: Showstopper.
The Palm Cabaret and Bar

1 day ago

For the first time, Jesse Luttrell joins The Palm Cabaret and Bar for unforgettable nights of song and energy.
“This multi-talented performer, known for glitzy, razzle dazzle performances, has people taking notice of a dynamo who isn’t afraid to break a few rules. If you’re a fan of showstopping performers from the school of Sammy Davis, Jr., Anthony Newley, or Peter Allen, Jesse Luttrell is your guy.”
“Jesse Luttrell is a dazzling amalgam of Liza, Judy, and Peter Allen. He’s such a star!”
Tickets are available at or in person at the box office
#jesseluttrellshowstopper #jesseluttrell #vocals #thepalmcabaret #puertovallarta #puertovallartaentertainment #pventertainment #thepalmcabaretpv #puertovallartashows #theatre #music #thepalmcabaretandbar #cabaret
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2 days ago

This just in... the release of Piel Canela video has hit youtube. Checkout Un, Dos, Tres, Maria let by front man Fernando Huerta Gonzalez with his amazing band. It doesn't get better than this.Your favourite latin band is back, performing at The Palm Cabaret & Bar. This newly released video is certain to whet your appetite for their show every Sund... ... See MoreSee Less

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