Argentinian duo Andrea Mottura and Luis Lujan are on fire! Wonderful energy, incredible voices, and an eclectic style that takes you on a musical journey you won’t soon forget.

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Kaleidoscope is the NAME of Bohemia Viva’s new show.  We chose the name Kaleidoscope because it represented our new selection of songs and the introduction of new songs to our current existing songs that we have been performing at The Palm.  Like a Kaleidoscope our new show is more colourful, more extensive vocal ranges and hopefully just as entertaining for our audience as our current and past performances at The Palm.  The new show is still the same format of a 90 minute show with a first set of approximately 8 songs then a 15 minute intermission followed by a second set of approximately 8 songs.  We have included in our new show various lighting effects and have added some limited stage props.  New visuals have also been incorporated into the show for each of the songs as we have found the visual element to the show has greatly increased the appeal to the audience.  With the elements of the new show we have taken into consideration the time and people required for our show and we have our own crew for the set up and the take down of our show so that it will not affect or interfere with The Palms staff and their responsibilities to run The Palm.  We have every intention to work with The Palm to make sure that everything goes smoothly and easily.

Who Is Bohemia Viva:

 Bohemia Viva is Andrea Mottura and Luis Lujan.  We are a musical duo from Argentina and we perform harmonizing blending vocals with the infusion of guitar.  We create musical versions of songs to suit  our voices and we sing in English, Spanish and Italian.  We have also been known to perform original songs that we have written and composed to add to the uniqueness of our show.  Many of our song selections are from our experiences and travels and we like that we have a connection to our audiences to tell stories with our music and vocals.